Sizing Tool

Steam Generator - Mid Series

For those seeking wellness in the comfort of their homes, a Jaquar steam solution is a great way to enjoy the benefits of humidifying water vapour from a high-quality steam generator.


Enter the dimensions of your steam room enclosure

length (ft.)
width (ft.)
height (ft.)

Select the type of wall of your steam room enclosure.



  • Touch button display
    Touch button display
  • IP67 rating for display
    IP67 rating for display
  • Temperature setting
    Temperature setting
  • Auto water inlet
    Auto water inlet
  • Auto drain
    Auto drain
  • Auto power off
    Auto power off
  • Stainless steel body
    Stainless steel body
  • Heating Element
    Heating Element
  • Water processor
    Water processor
  • steam nozzle
    Newly designed steam nozzle
  • Over heat protection
    Over heat protection
  • Pressure safety value
    Pressure safety value