Decorative Lighting

An integral part of every well-designed room is thoughtfully curated decorative lights for bedroom, living room, kitchen- your entire house. And when it does come to lighting, interior design plays a huge role in choosing the right fancy lights for home decoration. For eg. If your home follows a modern, minimalist style, then your home lighting needs to reflect the same style. However, let’s look at some of them so you can choose the perfect decorative lights online.

5 Fancy Lights for Home Decoration

Whether you are choosing decorative lights for living room or bedroom, the number of choices available can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. At Jaquar, we provide you with the best decorative lighting price without compromising on quality. Check out our wide range of fancy lights for home decoration that can wow every guest that walks into your home while softly illuminating your beautiful home. Whether you need chandeliers, wall lights or a simple table lamp, check out Jaquar Lighting- a one-stop-shop to buy decorative lighting online. 

Jaquar’s Fancy Lights for Home Decoration


Chandeliers are an absolute essential for decorating any space and they come in a variety of different styles and shapes to suit your requirements. Talking about fancy lights for home decoration, chandeliers will always be on top of the list. Check out our blog for tips to choose the right chandelier for your living room. Chandeliers also make excellent decorative lights for bedrooms and help improve the aesthetics of the space. However, thay have always been one of the fancy lights for living rooms due to their extravagant beauty and details that are appealing to the guests as well.

Ceiling Lights

There are several types of ceiling lights- including pendant lights, flush-mounted ceiling lights, down lights and many more. They provide overall lighting to a space without any shadows and help awaken a space. If you want to learn about ceiling lights and other types of fancy lights for home decoration, read our knowledge guide on living room light ideas.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are excellent for larger spaces and help add vertical length to a space. They provide soft task lighting to a specific area, making it ideal for a reading nook. They come in different styles and their body adds to the room’s decor further. Hence, floor lamps are fancy lights for living rooms.

Table Lamps

Table lamps come in all shapes and sizes and work as excellent decorative lights for living and bedrooms. They provide task lighting and usually work in conjunction with other ceiling lights to light up a room. They are one of the simplest decorative lights for bedroom thanks to their mellow essence that makes the room conducive to sleep.

Wall Lights

Wall lights or sconces are lighting fixtures that are wall-mounted and add a layer of ambient lighting to your room. They are excellent decorative lights for bedrooms as they add a decorative element along with illuminating the space.

Jaquar’s decorative and fancy lights for home decoration are the ultimate solution to highlight your home’s architectural details while softly illuminating the entire space. Our collection of electric lights for decoration is available to suit every light interior design style at affordable decorative lighting prices. Check out our collection of decorative lights online today!

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FAQs about Fancy Lights for Decoration

  • Which lights are the best fancy lights for living room?

Some of the best fancy lights for living room are the ones that are not too harsh, neither too dull. Here are some of the best picks:

  • Ceiling lights with mellow emission of light
  • Hanging lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Accent lights
  • Floor lamps


  • What is the decorative light price range?

The types of decorative lights vary on the basis of use and placement. Hence, the prices differ from product to product. The standard decorative light price range may start anywhere from INR 1,500 and go till INR 4,00,000.

  1. Which light bulb emits more heat?

While choosing decorative lights, we also need to be mindful of the bulbs we attached into them. You can choose from energy-efficient ones or the ones that emit a calming light. However, you’d want to know which light bulbs emit more heat:

  • Filament Bulb: Electric current heats a metal filament within halogen and incandescent light bulbs, producing light. Only 10% of the energy creates light; the remaining 90% is converted to heat. This holds true regardless of whether the bulb is made of clear or coloured glass.
  • Fluorescent Bulb: When a compact fluorescent light bulb is turned on, the gas inside produces light. 30% of the energy is utilised to create light, and the remaining 70% is used to generate heat. This is true regardless of whether the glass is clear or tinted.
  • LED Bulb: When electrons flow through semiconductor material, LEDs produce light. LEDs produce very little heat and are incredibly cool to the touch. LEDs come in a variety of colours, but they all produce the same amount of heat. They are some of the best electric lights for decoration.
  • Coloured Bulbs: Regardless of the bulb's colour, the same amount of heat is produced to produce the light. Any coloured incandescent bulb will emit the most heat because it is the least efficient.

  1. Which tubelight is better, LED or regular fluorescent?

  • Fluorescent lights contain mercury, a toxic substance that poses a waste disposal problem when the light is turned off. A limited quantity of hazardous mercury is released as a gas by broken bulbs, while the remainder is trapped in the glass itself.
  • Fluorescent lights are omnidirectional, which means light is emitted at a 360-degree angle. This is a significant system inefficiency because at least half of the light must be reflected and redirected to the desired location. It also means that more light fixture accessories are needed to reflect or focus the bulb’s luminous output (thus increasing unit costs).
  • Compared to other lighting technologies, LEDs have an extraordinarily long lifespan (including fluorescent lights).
  • In comparison to other commercially available lighting technologies, LEDs are particularly energy-efficient.